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Facial Service

Cupping Facial Session                                          30 min         $45

Fascial cupping provides negative pressure that lifts and separates tissue. This releases the trapped dead blood cells and impurities back into the cardiovascular and lymphatic system to be disposed of. Cupping helps decrease puffiness, improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines/scaring, relaxes chronic facial muscle tension that causes deep grooves in the skin. Promote healthy blood circulation and maximizes product absorption.

Gua Sha Facial Session                                        30 min          $45

Gua Sha is done with unique scraping tools designed to fit the structure of the face. This ancient healing technique is used to sculpt the face. It loosens scar tissue/chronic facial muscle tension, improves skin tone, encourages lymphatic and blood flow to help eliminate impurities and bring in nutrient, oxygen rich blood to the area. Opens pores for maximized product absorption.

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