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FACIAL CUPPING                45 min session $50.00  

Facial cupping is designed for treatments on the face, neck and upper chest. The reverse suction that is applied works to gently lift and tone the facial tissues

The Beauty Benefits of cupping

+ Drainage of fluid in the lymph glands results in reduced edema and puffy appearance.
+ Better nutrition brought to the skin do to release of toxins helps bring a healthy glow.
+ Any beauty products are absorbed better and are more effective.
+ Reduces visible fine lines, wrinkles and scaring because of injuries or acne.
+ Skin will look plumper, facial muscles are relaxed, resulting in a softer younger appearance.

Therapeutic Benefits

+Helps with sinus
+ Facial paralysis
+ TMJ 


A facial cupping session lasts for 30 to 45 minutes.
The therapist begins by first cleansing the skin followed by an exfoliation, and the applying therapeutic oils such as coconut , jojoba and any essential oils that are suited to the kind of 
treatment and skin type. Initially, 1 to 2 sessions per week are recommended, depending on the condition of the skin and 
the patient requirements. The therapist could recommend 6 to 12 sessions in all.