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Customized Massage Therapy & Bodywork Sessions

Sessions are designed specifically for you based on medical history, current health conditions, and wellness goals.

Therapeutic Swedish/Relaxation Massage
1hr ~ $70min   90min ~ $105    2hr ~ $140 


Experience a calming and restorative massage session to help your body heal naturally. Studies suggest that regular massages can enhance the body's self-healing ability. Swedish massage methods, in particular, can reduce stress hormone levels while increasing oxytocin levels, providing both immediate and long-term benefits. By incorporating techniques like aromatherapy, gentle stretching, rhythmic strokes, and breathing exercises, massages can relax the nervous system, remove harmful toxins, speed up recovery, and boost oxygen and nutrient circulation throughout cells and tissues.

Deep Tissue/Myoskeletal Mobilization Massage
60min ~ $80      90min ~ $120      2hr ~ $160

This session is excellent for individuals experiencing limited range of motion, chronic pain, and stress due to previous injuries, posture issues, surgery adhesions, athletic training, and daily repetitive movements. The goal is to pinpoint the root cause of dysfunction and guide the body toward self-correction to alleviate pain and stress patterns. This can improve mobility, posture, and athletic performance.

Clients are encouraged to wear loose-fitting clothing during the session, which combines table Thai massage, myofascial release, and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). It aims to alleviate chronic pain, prevent injury, and improve mobility and athletic performance.


Table Thai, Stretch & Restore Me Massage
1hr ~ $80      90min ~ $120

Cupping Massage & Vacuum Therapy
  1hr ~ $90        90min ~ $135  

This therapeutic approach is perfect for individuals with restricted mobility, chronic discomfort, or stress brought about by injuries, poor posture, or repetitive actions. The objective is to pinpoint the underlying cause of dysfunction and assist the body in correcting itself. Vacuum therapies lift and milk soft tissues, speeding up recovery and minimizing inflammation, muscular stiffness, and scar tissue. In addition, it eases joint pain and enhances breathing, relaxation, and overall well-being. Deep tissue massage and stretching may be incorporated if necessary.

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