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90 Day Lifestyle Transformation

Welcome to the Lifestyle Transformation program, a 90-day plan designed to help you establish healthy habits, eliminate distractions, and achieve greater clarity, contentment, peace, self-love, and joy. Based on your feedback, we'll update your massage sessions and action plans throughout the program.

The process begins with a thorough intake and assessment covering your medical history, current health conditions, concerns, and wellness objectives. I am happy to collaborate with your wellness team for a more holistic approach.

Our program offers six hours of massage therapy and bodywork sessions, as well as six 45-minute therapeutic self-care coaching sessions. These coaching sessions can be held either in person or online through Zoom. Our goal is to help clients develop a stronger awareness of their mind, body, and spirit alignment. We teach mindful eating habits and help establish consistent wellness routines. In addition, we provide a therapeutic self-care toolkit, personalized DIY massage, and therapeutic self-care practice tutorials to help clients identify stress and pain triggers. With these resources, clients learn how to create tailored daily therapeutic self-care methods to manage stress, anxiety, and chronic discomfort.

Please submit any questions and concerns here!

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