Massage Fit Life 

"Massage Fit Life provides quality customized massage sessions based on medical history,
current health conditions and wellness goals for a better quality life."
Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

Customer Testimonials

"Awesome massage. Not only does she massage you. She pinpoints the areas that bother you and manipulates them. I've never had a therapist do that before. Great Job"

- Nic, Paramedic


"Ms. Dekle is truly gifted and the most knowledgeable massage therapist I have ever been to. Her professional approach to each individual's aches and pain is right on. The customized treatment sessions along with the aroma-therapy lets one escape the discomfort of reality into one of Bliss and relaxation every time.
Desiree Dekle is dedicated to her God given talent and uses the knowledge for the betterment of others. Continuing educating herself and growing with old and new approaches in Healthy massage techniques. I recommend Her over any other massage therapist I have ever known.."

- John H.,  Writer