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Mobile Massage & Self-care Workshops

Mobile massage is a convenient way to add value and show appreciation at your next event, occasion, gathering, celebration or team meeting. We all benefit from a much needed reset.


Self-care workshops have been greatly appreciated by many. They provide therapeutic self-care education and hands-on guidance that equips people with simple yet very effective techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and pain on their own, in the moment, as needed. 

We provide everything needed, just point us where you want us!

Corporate Massage

We're refreshing the office space by turning it into a relaxed, productive environment. Scheduling 15-30 min chair massage sessions for the employee's, staff, management or even company clients during a closing process provides anxiety, stress, and tension relief. 

Self-care Workshops

These workshops are intended to help bring awareness to and manage anxiety, PTSD, stress, and pain triggers.

Think of it like an interactive Mindset coaching session with the use of  therapeutic self-care techniques including but not limited to, DIY massage, mobility techniques, essential oils, and breath work. 

This session flows as follows... We discuss the topic at hand 

then practice the technique. 

Private Events

Book either or both, massage 

and/or self-care workshop for a more intimate event of at least 5. Bridal shower, retreats, 

 corporate wellness awareness event, celebration,

business launch, 

and so forth.

What our customers are saying

I have had chronic back/ muscle issues for many years, I also suffer from fibromyalgia, and inflammation. Desiree has worked worked wonders on me. We have had several sessions using different methods (based on my need at the time) I have never had such amazing results. She has also guided me on some wonderful at home self help tips that have improved my overall well-being. I would highly recommend to anyone in need!

~ Dawn Butterfield ~

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